For over 1,000 years, God has been worshipped on this sacred site, by countless generations in Alrewas village. This huge key opens All Saints Parish Church, which has stood since 822AD in the village of Alrewas, in England, in the UK.

This church no longer has a parish or priest, and there are only two keys. One belongs to the lady who lives next door and volunteers to be the church caretaker. She’s in her 70’s and I don’t know if there is a transition plan. The other is with a staff person at Wychnor Country Club, who let me borrow it to get a closer look.

The first building was probably made from wood and had a thatched roof, made of reeds from the nearby river. Eventually it was replaced with stone. By the late 12th century the church was Norman in style.


There once was a bell hanging from a small window that would open to alert the villagers of services. It is recorded on July 6, 1585 that, two bells were cast for the church at Nottingham and recast in 1681, and 1711. The long velvet rope was still hanging, and admittedly – I tried to ring them to no avail.


The organ of 1882 is by Brindley and Foster of Sheffield and was rebuilt in 1997.


The lynch gate was built in 1891 and restored in 1974, and again in 2006, but many gravestones are still in position, most from the 18th century.


This Bible was sitting on the altar, and the wooden pews were all polished, and it looked as though parishioners would be worshipping the following Sunday. I was surprised at how great it looked, considering it was not in use.


If you would like to donate any sum and help preserve this church, please contact the Vicar:
Rev’d John Allan
Alrewas Vicarage
Church Road
Alrewas, Burton Under Trent
DE13 7BT
England, UK
Phone: (01283) 790486

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