If you been to my website or blog previously, you’ve probably noticed a little animated blue bird. She is there because Twitter is my favorite social media platform. Twitter is short, simple and social ~ perfect for busy Tweeple.

Unlike Facebook, there are no photos to tag, or games to play and people can’t check you into a location. For those concerned/burned with Facebook over privacy concerns, you only have 160 characters for your bio, thus less personal information is provided. You can tweet directly from your smart phone. These updates are available for anybody to read and anybody can follow your tweets – unless you block them. You CAN create a private /locked account, but that’s not very social is it?

Twitter has many uses beyond chatting in 140 characters. You can promote neat things happening in your community. Businesses can utilize it to engage their customers and helps with business development if their prospects are online (many are). A business can follow what is being said about them, in addition to augmenting customer service. If a business does not have a website, time (or know-how) to blog, they can still provide tips, helpful information, and specials to their customers. Twitter is a great for instant polling. Tweeple I know appreciate doctors and dentists who provide public health information. Community advocates gather their group together and meet for their cause. Professors can utilize Twitter as part of their lectures and respond to student questions. Professors can also hold virtual office hours and answer questions via twitter. It allows for healthy (albeit short) discussions. At conferences, attendees can read others tweets (thoughts) about speakers and workshops. This can easily lead to a tweetup for lunch or further discussion on the subject. I’ve seen partnerships formed from tweetups.

Jump in and join me! My personal account is @Giddyup2 and I tweet social media items from @GiddyupGenie.

Tweets – updates to your status
Tweetup = Twitter people meeting
Tweeple = Twitter people

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