I was sick this past weekend, and in bed the entire time. Sleeping, sneezing, drinking lots of water, blowing my nose, napping, sneezing some more. You know how it is.

The odd part is I am not usually the type to get a cold. I typically have a strong immune system, because I eat well, exercise, get a good amount of sleep on a regular basis. When I am around sick people, I have an extra trick. But this one snuck up on me. The culprit thought he had allergies, so I didn’t do my regimen of extra defense. But, here’s my secret if I am around a sickie and I don’t want to catch their illness. First, this secret was passed to me from my mom. She was a nurse. If one person got sick, the rest would have to take a one time dose of 5,000 mg of vitamin C. This is more than the recommended upper limit, which is probably why she didn’t prescribe this regimen to her patients. Nope. Just special for the family. But, since it never caused me any stomach aches, nausea or diarrhea, about once a year I’m in the vitamin C bottle. FYI: A quick Google search shows that Harvard thinks the jury is still out on whether or not vitamin C will boost the immune system. Whether or not a new study will show proof of mom’s vitamin C immune boosting theory, it always worked for me.

So, I’m back in action and expect to be hitting the gym — well, maybe tomorrow.

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