I’m thrilled to have been asked to be a model in the Assistance League of San Bernardino’s upcoming Headdress Ball. First, because it’s a fun show and my amazing choreographer (Randy) has put together a very fun number! Secondly, the show raises money for uninsured children (5-18) to receive dental care and get out of pain.

I’m especially thrilled to highlight my headdress sponsor: Toyota & Scion of San Bernardino, because the theme is Route 66: Life’s Highway. The owner, Mr. Cliff Cummings is very philanthropic.

Besides supporting the Dr. Earl R Crane Children’s Dental Clinic, he has provided assistance to numerous other non-profit organizations. He really has a heart for kids, and also supports Santa Claus Inc. They have also sponsored Mr. Cardinal, athletic programs, and provided sponsorships. He recently challenged the CSUSB students to make Scion & Toyota commercials, with the winning teams receiving $2,000 and their commercial aired.

He does many quiet things too. He heard about a child whose bike was stolen, and replaced it. There was a lady in her 70’s (who was also ill), and her moving Christmas display was stolen from her front lawn. The Cummings replaced that too. I think he and his wife find a need and fill it.

As a supporter of public safety, he remembers the fallen deputies and military members, and has donated tickets and boxes for sporting events to charity.

He realizes there are things you do that are good for business and things you do because the are good. When the economy was bad a few years ago, local residents supported his businesses, and he likes to return the support of a community that got them through a difficult economic time. The 2011 Tsunami wiped out the Toyota and Suburu plant, and when he didn’t have inventory, the local residents waited.

In 2012 the city of San Bernardino declared bankruptcy and the dealership is continuing to feel the support from residents who are buying locally and help the city moving forward.

People – his customers understand.

Mr. Cummings said he has been very forunate in all levels with different projects and people who needed help – not a hand out – but help past a rough patch. Interestingly he probably sees 150 hockey games a year, because he sponsors kids to play youth hockey.

The Cummings have also passed their philanthropic nature down to their children. One son is an Eagle Scout, who recently rebuilt a room at First Presbyterian Church, that was touched for 30 years. He did the fundraising, organized work crews, and the materials purchases and the church is now using it daily.

If you can’t make the show, maybe you can donate $20 for the kids? If so, please make checks payable to Assistance League of San Bernardino (Tax ID #95-6065105) and mail to:
Ann Doty
3344 Parkside Drive
San Bernardino, CA 92404

Thank you for the consideration.


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