What a horrible title topic huh? Well, they happen and you are here, curious whey I’m writing.

In the last episode of Glee, two characters were planning a wedding. Last years cast came back for the ‘reunion’ show and there were a variety of songs at the wedding and the reception.

One problem. The bride changed her mind, ran out the door and jumped in a taxi – big dress and all. After the groom was told, the next decision was about the reception. The parents of the bride already paid for the reception and the food, so they offered to have the party/reunion.

Does this seem weird to anybody? Maybe. Maybe not. What should/would you do?

A few years ago, my husband and I planned an anniversary weekend at the Mission Inn. As we were wandering through this historic hotel, appreciating the architecture, a few people called us over. There was a large empty room between us, them and the courtyard they were standing in. We walked over and asked what they wanted. They wanted us to hang out with them and keep them company for an hour. They also asked us to help them eat as much food and drink as we could.

Why? We didn’t know these people.

They said, “See this guy?” His bride left him at the alter a couple hours ago and the food/beverages are already purchased. We have another hour of free stuff. “Can you help us?”

Awkward? Yes. But, we felt compelled to stay.

They were not nearly as jovial as the Glee cast, but were doing everything they could to keep the jilted grooms spirits up. They asked about us, why we were at the Inn, how we met, how long we were married, etc. They really liked our story.

At the time, I thought I’d never forget that experience, or the gravity of that day. But, somehow over time, it quietly disappeared. Then I watched the Glee episode, and it came rushing back. I couldn’t help but think of the couple. Or the non-couple. While I felt bad for them at the time, it also seems better to make that decision before the vows are said, and the paperwork is signed. Marriage should not be entered into lightly. Ask Kim Kardashian. She’s in an awkward position, and could possibly have Kayne West’s baby, prior to being divorced to Kris Humphries. She alleges he is slowing down the process. He may leave NBA playoffs to attend a court hearing, because he wants an annulment and states the 72 day marriage was fraud. I don’t know. But, it IS a mess.

So, whoever you are, and wherever you are – I really hope things are much brighter today. I hope you didn’t give up on love and all the wonderfulness that marriage has to offer. I wish you a marriage more beautiful than your wedding. Lastly remember, that no person or marriage is perfect, but by extending a little forgiveness and grace – it may feel perfect.


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