You don’t see anything wrong with the picture either?

I will point out the problems.
1. I have a ticket on my windshield
2. There is no sign indicating one can’t park there or a sign nearby indicating there is a time limit.
3. The space is not specified for handicap parking.
4. There is a no parking sign – but it’s for Thursday afternoons for Market Night. Today is Friday.
5. There are no parking meters.

So, finding no reason for my ticket, I called the place I just left thinking they could help me figure out why I received a parking ticket on State Street.

They were also confused.

So, I called 411. No, I wasn’t going to ask them why…..

I asked for the number to the Redlands Police Department. But, RPD is not listed.
This was confusing. Maybe she thought I said RedWOOD…. or RedDING….

I asked again. Same answer. This isn’t too confusing. I wouldn’t want to work at the police department and have people constantly calling me about why they received what appears to be a bogus ticket. Also, the state of California has been in dire financial straits, so there are many CA government offices that are closed every other Friday.

I asked the operator for the City of Redlands. The City of Redlands was not listed either.

I don’t give up easily, so I called About Redlands They are the ULTIMATE listing of everything in Redlands. Sure enough… they had the answer! Kinda. Sorta. She could at least explain it and was super sweet. She also had a really interesting description of the parking lady. She encouraged me to drive to a particular area, because the lady has a route, and talk to her about her mistake. But, I was already home. Apparently the company working for RPD is from Arizona and they have been known (She has been known) for cutting corners – or you may say is ticket happy. It IS important to be happy!

So, here’s the deal. While there is no sign, you may not park on State Street for more than 2 hours. Fortunately I was only there 90 minutes and have proof. I will fight this and win. Additionally, if you park there on Market Night – they will tow your vehicle. But, there is no sign for this either – so you will think your vehicle has been stolen and probably want to call the RPD to report it. Because you probably don’t have that number either.

Oh right…… You may call 911 to report a stolen car. AND just for FUN… they tow you to the mall. This must be a subliminal message to shop?

Maybe only for the City of San Bernardino – who should take note of this adventure. You see, San Bernardino declared bankruptcy a few months ago and it seems a GREAT way to try to generate some money.
1. Unnecessarily ticket your patrons.
2. Don’t list the police department or the City with 411 when they wonder why.
Maybe they will just pay the fine.

I don’t plan to.

The City of Redlands slogan is, “A City that works!”


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