This past fiscal year the San Bernardino Assistance League took 282 underprivileged students in San Bernardino shopping for new clothes, socks, shoes, and backpacks. Target will be joining in assisting our efforts and is the store for the August shopping spree.

ALSB LOVES receiving thank-you notes such as this one: “Thank you for taking me to buy clothes. The day I received my new clothing was the best day of my life. I will never forget about this. Now, I want to go to school every day!”

The Dr. Earl Crane Dental Center is also experiencing success. More children were served this year, mostly due posting flyers. Over 1,000 students have been seen by our dentist in the past year, and 4,000 were provided an oral health screening.

Over 1,500 hours of volunteer time was recorded by chapter members at these events.
The final numbers are coming in from the Headdress Ball and we have raised over $100,000 for these two programs.


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