My most relaxing moments were in the English countryside. I walked 6 – 10 blissful miles daily. We were fortunate to have such great weather and many walking paths with fabulous scenery.

20130920-222341.jpg It was extremely therapeutic and comforting.

Those who know me, know I’m a big animal fan. I have 6 furkids at home, and countless others that have lived with me. There were kissing gates,

20130920-223106.jpg to keep the cuddly cows(click link for full experience) from wandering into the wrong field.

20130920-221649.jpg I enjoyed the farms,

20130920-222047.jpg sheep, horses, fishing ponds,

20130920-222947.jpg and apparently somebody was even missing their pet Harris Hawk!

20130920-222141.jpg Be sure to call Mark if you see her. Speaking of birds, the air was filled with birdsong, as many of our walks went through forest pathways.

At home, I enjoy these types of experiences on horseback. At first, I felt like there was so much I was missing, because I couldn’t cover as many miles as I could on my horse. But, walking allowed me to slow down and appreciate parts of nature I may have otherwise missed. Slowing down was good for me. I can operate on a pretty fast pace. Obviously, I’m quieter walking than on horseback, and it’s hard to describe the delicate sounds of the wind rustling through the leaves that I seemed to hear differently along the way.

We walked miles along the canal,

20130920-222427.jpg which apparently there are 3,000 miles of which one can navigate around parts of England – and stopped our canal journey at the Burton Under Needham marina.

20130920-222455.jpg All these walks ended at a traditional English pub, with my favorite meal of fish and chips.

20130920-234132.jpgAll these idyllic scenes were reached from our cabin at the Wychnor Country Club.
Cheers England! I miss you already.


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