The title would lead you to believe I am talking about appropriate length of hemlines, and scooped neck blouses.

Actually, I¹m referring to my lack of following fashion and realizing my personal trend. Generally, I wear pants in the summer and dresses in the winter for work. I¹ll change into a dress at night during the summers or on weekends, and wear pants at night in the winter. Basically my fashion sense is based on the weather, because I¹m a southern California fair weather motorcycle rider. I’m pretty sure I ride year-round based, but I’ve never checked the dates when I park my metal horse.

My favorite motorcycle weather is in the fall for an all day ride, but summer for a daily ride to and from work. I told you summer this morning and am letting my dear readers know I needed to clarify. This morning temps started off at a brisk 39, and I walked from my parking space to my office in open-toed shoes. I developed a case of froze toes.

Yeah, yeah.
I know they are not ACTUALLY frozen and this is amazing weather compared to some of you. I am not complaining, only stating the facts. I thought this situation would remedy itself at lunch by going for a jog. But, I was interrupted by the mystique of 12.12.12.


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