After 4 days in the big city of Birmingham , we stayed a week in the English countryside at the Wychnor Country Club.

20130914-195016.jpg It was originally inhabited by the Norman Baron, Sir Phillip De Sommerville in 1066. The manor was given to the knight by King Williams as a reward, so the King’s authority would not be challenged. The name Wychnor is Saxon and means a dwelling place along a slope; and it dates back to the Iron Ages. The De Sommerville family lived there for over 3 centuries, but didn’t take proper care of the estate and it fell into ill repair.

A wealthy family (Griffiths) purchased the estate in 1355 and their descendants held the estate until 1621. It is recorded the property was in ill repair in 1540 and susceptible to flooding, and in 1544 construction began on a new Hall. By 1621 the Hall was grand enough to accommodate King James 1, who held his first royal court at Wychnor and went hunting on the grounds.


When Sir Henry Griffiths died in 1646, Sir Francis Boynton inherited the estate and the huge debt that accompanied it. The debt was the result of fighting for King Charles 1, during the civil war.

The original house burned down and was rebuilt in 1710. The original fireplace is located in the lobby, and it has two men who hold a flag pole with the family’s coat of arms.


In 1912, a fire station was built on the site.


The estate was sold in 1975 at a 2 day auction and significant changes were made and the servants wing was knocked down. The Hall and part of the grounds were sold to a local businessman, who created a country club.

20130914-200204.jpg In 1996 it was purchased and renovated to bring it back to it’s former glory. It is still a country club, as well as a time share.


There are many activities at Wychnor CC: golf, tennis, mini golf, swimming, kite flying, and long walks to the neighboring villages. Check out this adorable video of the cuddly cows I met.

If it’s raining or you prefer to stray indoors, I suppose you could read, watch movies, play pool and board games. Every night the is great entertainment and a variety of genre’s of live music available. Last, but not least – the food is delicious and the staff is extremely kind, polite and helpful. I recommend a visit, if you get the chance.





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